Jesus Toast

Here are a few of the most well known food-related religious sightings:

In February 2006, Mike Thompson of Ohio claimed to have found the image of Jesus on his breakfast pancake and immediately listed it for sale on Ebay. His listing got nationwide media coverage and reached a high bid of just under $15,000. The pancake was subsequently proven to be a hoax produced by the use of the “Jesus pan” available at

Around the same time that the Thompson pancake surfaced, a man named Juan Patrano of Texas claimed to have found the face of Jesus etched in his frying pan. The pan, as of yet, has not been listed on Ebay, but the owner says he is considering it.

The most well known recent sighting is the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich found by Diana Duyser of Florida. Mrs. Duyser claims to have kept the sandwich on her nightstand for over 10 years, during which time she had excellent luck at the casinos. The fact that the sandwich has remained mold-free is considered, by some, to be proof of the sandwich’s miraculous nature. In 2004 the grilled cheese sandwich was listed for sale on Ebay, where the partially eaten sandwich was bought by Golden Palace Casino for $28,000.

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